Halloween is right around the corner. One of the world’s oldest holidays, Halloween is celebrated in many countries in many different ways, honoring lost loved ones, preparing for the new harvest season, dressing in costumes and celebrating with friends and family.

Halloween is a time all about the spooky and fantastic, of monsters, witches, ghosts, and ghoulies. These are all things that we never experience in our day to day lives except in dreams. At night while we’re asleep we dream of things that are impossible in the real world. Whether we dream of flying or visiting strange locations, like with Halloween, in dreams the mystical and strange suddenly becomes common place. 

Wouldn’t it be great if we could control our dreams though? Well, a technique called “lucid dreaming” let’s us do just that, where you can become aware you are dreaming and take control of the dream world like your own personal simulation where anything you want to experience can happen.

Here are some tricks to help you enter the world of lucid dreaming:

1) Keep A Dream Journal. Try to write down at least one dream each morning.

2) Reality Checks. Create a mental habit to spot the difference between waking and dream states by coming up with something you know is true in reality that may not be true in your dream world, usually a physical ability. By doing this in reality, you can train your brain to test the dream world too.

3) Meditate. Just 10 minutes of meditation daily can help prepare you for entering lucid dreams as you sleep.

Now that you’ve learned some tricks, how about some treats! We’ve added new products to the website to help with sleep, memory and lucid dreaming. Dreamleaf is a two pill system, a blue pill you take when you go to bed to help you get all of the deep sleep you need for the night, then a red pill 4 hours later, that promotes lucid dreams, improves memory and increases dream control. This technique of waking up then returning to sleep is called “Wake then back to bed” and is considered by many to be the most effective technique.

Fox Thoughts increases cognitive function, memory and mental energy, and will help improve your dream recall. 

Twilune is a sleep aid that helps you fall asleep quickly and fuels your sleep cycle to keep you asleep through the night.

Mood & Mind also offers Lucid Dream tea which is a loose leaf herbal tea blend of herbs to help you enter lucid dreams and increases your memory for dream recall. Mugwort is one of the most useful herbs for dream recall, dream vividness and producing lucid dreams. We offer mugwort in many forms, our loose tea blend, as part of the Dreamleaf supplements, and as a dried herb. So start building and exploring your dream world.