Getting outdoors with Allergies

With Spring approaching the outdoors are calling. Especially these days after all the recent quarantining and social distancing - we can’t wait to get outside. But for those of us with allergies, we are hesitant to answer that call. There isn’t anything fun about swollen, itchy eyes or coughing and sneezing.  It’s miserable.  Don’t barricade yourself indoors just yet. Some of these tips may help make it easier to get outside without wishing you hadn’t.

The first one may seem like common sense but most people don’t actually know what they are allergic to exactly. They just know that in Spring or Summer these allergies flare up. Is it mold, grass, pollen?  You may be surprised to find the answer.  Knowing exactly what you have a sensitivity to is very important to help you avoid it.  Talk with your doctor about testing to find out what you should be avoiding.

Know what the weather will be like on the day you intend to go out. Allergies will be worse on a windy day when allergens are being blown around. Also, make sure to bring a hat and sunglasses. They can be helpful in reducing exposure to allergens.  On days that you know your allergens will be higher keep your outdoor activity short and sweet.  

Another helpful tip is to toss your clothes in the washer and jump in the shower as soon as you get back inside or at the very least before getting into bed at night. This will help prevent the spreading of allergens around your house. If you have allergens in your hair and go to bed, those allergens will get on your pillow and cause your allergies to flare up every time you go to sleep. 

As a final tip, you could try supplementing with something that helps support healthy immune function. Our Astragalus Extract Capsules or Breathing Easy tea for example could be beneficial. A couple of our team members swear by the Immune Care tincture whenever they feel their allergies acting up in the spring.  

Hopefully, these tips are helpful as you head back outdoors this Spring.