It's the time of year again when chocolate bunnies and candy eggs are everywhere - tempting us to indulge. What is this strange association between chocolate and the season of spring & Easter? The connection is one that reaches back to ancient cultures and will help you lose the guilt when giving in to temptation this season - and any time of year.

Known as the "Bean of the Gods” by the Mayans, Cacao (chocolate) may have some pretty amazing health benefits. Although many still believe the myths that chocolate is to blame for headaches, acne, weight gain and bad cholesterol - the latest medical research confirms what the ancient Mayan culture always knew - chocolate is the ultimate "feel good" treat!

The Harvard University School of Public Health researched 136 short term scientific publications concluding that cacao and chocolate intake helped promote cardiovasculator health.

Another team of researchers at Harvard Medical School found that cocoa may be healthy for the brain as well. Their study concluded that adults who drank two cups of cocoa a day for 30 days had improved blood flow to the brain - specifically to parts needed for memory and thinking. With the natural calming effect of Tryptophan & the positive, mood elevating effect of Theobromine - Chocolate helps us to feel good, think bright and live happy.

Mood & Mind brings you the “Bean of the Gods” with our newest products:

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And for a limited time this spring - Mood & Mind offers the highest quality Chocolate covered Goji Berries and Chocolate covered Golden Berries. These 2 superfood berries combine with chocolate to make a sweet, healthy treat.

So, this Easter season, feel free to enjoy your chocolate without the guilt and take advantage of its incredible benefits for both your mood & your mind!