In today’s world of coffee shops, fast paced lifestyles, and ever changing technology our stress and fatigue levels are at an all-time high. Stress has a strong effect on our mind and body; it increases our cortisol levels, adds tension on our muscles and joints, and ultimately changes our entire inner eco-system. We try to combat this with stress management techniques such as yoga or meditation, but sometimes life gets in the way. We have work, families, and deadlines, and can’t always find time to unwind. It is during stressful times like these that we can call on the natural herbal healing abilities of adaptogens.

Adaptogens work like an inner thermostat. If our stress levels get too high, or our energy too low, adaptogens can balance us out. Traditional Chinese and Indian medicines have used the remarkable powers of adaptogens for centuries. Panax Ginseng and Ashwagandha are two of the classic adaptogens and are great for everyday use. Unlike coffee and sugar they don’t give you a sudden energy rush and subsequent crash. Instead these wonderful herbs work to sustain and balance energy levels throughout the day.

Liquid tinctures and elixirs are a great way for us to get a quick and easy blend of herbal adaptogens. Rhodiola RoseaPassion Flower, and my personal favorite Adapt Chocolate Elixir, are all excellent additions to a daily adaptogen regiment.

Adaptogens are very versatile. We can even incorporate them into our cooking! Red Reishi Mushroom Powder is a powerful adaptogen that has many healing properties and can be a great addition to soups and teas. It has been known to strengthen the immune system, reduce allergies, promote better sleep, and much more.

Another great Adaptogen is Maca Root, which works by helping to balance the endocrine system which is responsible for our hormone regulation and overall physical well being. 

Wouldn’t it be great if our lives were completely stress free and full of energy? Unfortunately many stress triggers are out of our control, and simply cannot be avoided. We can, however, find a balance. A combination of mental and physical exercise, coupled with the addition of some of these amazing adaptogens to our diet can go a long way to prevent future illness and promote an overall healthy lifestyle.