A positive attitude alone won’t cure heart disease or fix your broken ankle, but by now it's been well established (and most everyone knows) that there's a strong mind-body connection in health. A good attitude and lots of humor can help speed up healing, improve immunity and keep you healthy.

When we laugh we feel the psychological benefits immediately: deeper relaxation, stress reduction, increased focus, and a shift in perspective when feeling overwhelmed. Not to mention the release of endorphins that have been shown to decrease pain. However, the physical benefits of laughter can be just as pronounced. Laughter gets the lymphatic system moving at an increased rate, nearly 15 times the normal speed! The lymphatic system acts as a waste removal system for your body so the increased motion also helps rid your body of more waste.

The long-term benefits of regular laughter include improved blood vessel function which benefits the cardiovascular system, and it can help burn a few extra calories. That’s right, the expansion and contraction of laughter can help step up your calories burned for the day. While it won’t replace a healthy diet and regular exercise, it can give you a little boost.

Do yourself a favor every day and watch something funny, tell a corny joke, share a silly story. Just laugh a little. A little laughter every day goes a long, long way.