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DIY Diffuser: Essential Oils on the GO

Summer is full of great adventures. Whether you are traveling, exploring, or simply returning home after a long hike, we look for ways to beat the heat with various essential oil blends. Are you looking for a refreshing scent to revitalize from the heat? A woodsy blend to remind you of the last camping trip of the season? Or simply sitting outside trying to enjoy the last days of summer, while fighting off the pesky mosquitoes?  Wherever the long summer days may take you, be sure you have your own DIY diffuser on hand. Create your own travel diffuser in a 4 oz. Mason jar for packability.


 What you will need:

 DIY-Diffuser: Ingredients

1 handful : Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

10-15+ drops of Essential Oils Blend of Choice

(Suggested Blends: see recipes below)

1 unscented tea candle

 1 small glass jar or clear bowl, shallow with wide opening

      (4 oz. wide mouth jar is perfect for travel)





Step-1-Add Salts

1. Depending on the size of the glass jar or bowl, fill jar 2/3 of the way full with Himalayan Sea Salt.



 Step-2-Add Essential Oils


2. Drop Essential Oils (of your choice) onto the salt until the desired fragrance is reached.

We recommend 10-15 drops. 



 Step-3-Cover Edges with Salt


3.  Gently stir oils into salt to evenly distribute. Center candle into the salt, pressing into the container.

Cover sides of candle with salt as needed for appearance.




4. Light candle. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.




Top 5 Essential Oils for Summer:

  1. Lavender: relaxation, stress, anxiety relief

  2. Rosemary: mentally stimulating, uplifting, kills germs

  3. Tea Tree: repels bugs

  4. Eucalyptus: full spectrum bug repellant, invigorating, increases mental clarity

  5. Lemongrass: promotes positive outlook, freshener, repels bugs, generally uplifting


Great Summer Blends:

For Energy:

For Immunity and Clarity:

A Walk in the Woods: