2020 is here! This is the perfect time to get a clear vision of what we really want this year and make it happen. Time to clear out all the cobwebs and focus on the goal - Health & Happiness. Here are a few ideas to get more clarity in 2020:

1. Disconnect a little bit every day. Whether it's meditation, prayer, tai chi/yoga or just taking a nap - take time every day to disconnect from technology and get quiet. It's amazing how just taking 15 minutes to let go of everything can bring the most important things back into focus and help you drop the clutter in your mind.

2. Exercise. Even just a short, brisk walk can help clear your mind and get your thoughts organized.

3. Eat right. A balanced diet is crucial to improving clarity. Especially important is cutting back on sugar, this can dramatically improve "mental fog".

4. Get help from Mother Nature. Nature provides us with some incredible herbs to help with clarity and focus. POLYGALA TENUIFOLIA Extract Powder 20:1 is one of our newest products and is perfect for improving memory, increasing clarity, enhancing mood - all while reducing stress. Combine this with our THINKING CAP organic loose leaf tea or our new CHERRY BO2MB Brain Boosting Energy Drink and you'll be off to a clear start for a Happy & Healthy 2020!

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Happy New Year! Make it an amazing one.