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I AM BLISS Chakra Crystal Mist
I AM BLISS Chakra Crystal Mist

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Let laughter, lightheartedness and pure affectionate happiness fill your life and spread divine joy to the world! This heady, aromatic blend restores positive energy as it stirs the senses. Feel uplifted, passionate and fully alive. Awaken joy, playfulness – and pure happiness. Instantly experience joy and radiant happiness as your mood is lifted in one spray of this divinely-inspired mist. Created as a perfect marriage of elevated masculine and feminine energies through the union of yang Bergamot oil and lovely yin Jasmine, with warm Carnelian and passionate Fire Agate.

Bliss | Radiance | Positivity

Breathe in the aromas of:

Nightblooming Jasmine – Relaxing while uplifting the senses
Bergamot – Lift the mood
White Sage – Relax and heal the spirit
Patchouli – Loosen those tightly wound emotions
Cardamom – Enhance enthusiasm and confidence
Carnelian – Stimulate joy and a sense of protection. Warm the spirit
Fire Agate – Promote a zest for life and enjoyment of everyday pleasures
Tigers Eye – Enhance positive emotions
Mono-atomic Gold Ormus – Awaken a positive outlook and revitalize the spirit

Ingredients: Blessed Sedona Spring Water, Nightblooming Jasmine Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, White Sage Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, Cardamom Essential Oil, Carnelian Gem Essence, Fire Agate Gem Essence, Tiger’s Eye Gem Essence and Mono-atomic Gold Ormus. 

Suggested Use: Spray and step into your bliss!

Specific: For external use.

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