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Combretum Quadrangulare Powder

Combretum Quadrangulare Powder


Product Description

Combretum Quadrangulare (Sakae Naa) Powder

The powdered leaf of this plant is used in Malaysia as a replacement for 

Jungle harvested with no pesticides or chemicals.

Disclaimer: Sold as a bulk botanical ingredient with no directions or claims.

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  1. nothing like Kratðm

    Earl Hulbert (Submitted on 29th Dec 2013)

    I made tea with about a 1/2oz of the powered leaf. The taste was terrible but I got it all down. One of the other reviewers says it tastes like Kratðm I didn't find that to be true for me. I did a large dose and felt it strongly but did not really like the effect. It did not have the energizing effect of Kratðm and I didn't feel any euphoria. It may have a number of medical uses but for me it's not a recreation herb

  2. I am not conviced

    Unknown (Submitted on 6th Sep 2013)

    Still testing this stuff out. Maybe I'm spoiled having had other, superior products from M&M or maybe I just haven't hit the sweet spot with this product, yet. Nothing noticed at 5g. That said, perhaps regular usage of M. speciosa would interfere with a clean review of C. Quadrangulare?!? Taste is not of my liking as tea.

  3. Good mood stuff

    Chris (Submitted on 3rd Aug 2013)

    Combretum Quadrangulare smells, looks and tastes identical to Kratðm. It looks like a white vein variety, light green with small dark green bits. I seriously thought M&M had mislabelled a sample and sent me Kratðm by mistake because of how similar they are in look, smell and taste lol. The effects are somewhat different from Kratðm though, so I knew M&M didn't accidentally send me Kratðm. After removing it from it's package I noticed its not quite as dense as Kratðm either, its a bit more fluffy.

    Due to the lack of information on the consumption of this leaf and the active compounds it contains (what receptors they target etc) I rolled the dice and decided to make a tea using 5 grams. First I did a "allergy/sensitivity" test by placing approximately 250 mgs between my lips (similar to a dip) and held it there for roughly 15 minutes then ingested it to make sure I'm not overly sensitive to this substance and to see if the mouth tissue it came in contact with would show any signs of an allergic reaction. All is well, no sensitivity or noticeable allergy.

    The tea tastes exactly like a Kratðm tea. 30 minutes after consumption I notice a energetic feeling that is like Kratðm, but not at the sametime. It's quite difficult to explain, it's similar to the feeling you get if you've not drank coffee for about a week then drink a cup or two. Although I believe there are similarities between Kratðm and Combretum Quadrangulare I don't think both act on the exact same receptors. Both have positive mood enhancing abilities but I don't think Combretum Quadrangulare has any effect on the mu receptor like Kratðm does, but one would need to play around with the dose more to get a better understanding of the effects this leaf can produce.


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